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Funny striptease from Izzy Delphine

Izzy Delphine, also known as the 'Queen of Cosplay,' has once again taken the cosplay world by storm with her latest creation – a hilarious and sexy strip tease costume. This talented cosplayer has always been known for her jaw-dropping costumes that perfectly capture the essence of her chosen character, but this time she has taken it to a whole new level. With her flawless makeup, intricate props, and attention to detail, Izzy has brought the character of Delphine to life in a way that is both comical and alluring.

The costume itself is a masterpiece. It features a skimpy red and black corset with lace-up details and a plunging neckline that shows off Izzy's curves in all the right places. The corset is paired with a pair of black booty shorts that hug her toned legs and a set of thigh-high stockings with a playful print of dollar signs. But what truly sets this costume apart is the addition of a removable skirt made entirely of dollar bills, which adds a whole new level of cheekiness to the outfit.

As Izzy struts onto the stage in her Delphine costume, the audience erupts into laughter and applause. She begins her routine, mimicking the seductive moves of Delphine from the popular game 'Skyrim.' However, with each article of clothing she removes, instead of revealing more skin, she reveals more dollar bills. The audience can't help but be entertained by this clever twist on a traditional strip tease.

As the routine continues, Izzy's comedic timing and facial expressions only add to the hilarity of the performance. She uses props such as a giant gold coin and a wad of fake bills to add to the comedic effect. But don't be mistaken, this isn't just a funny routine – Izzy's dance moves and sultry poses are still just as captivating as ever.

The crowd can't get enough as Izzy reaches the climax of her performance. With one final twirl, she reveals her full cosplay of Delphine, complete with a feathered headdress and thigh-high boots. The audience erupts into a standing ovation, clapping and cheering for this brilliant and entertaining performance.

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